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Celebrating World Menopause Day: supporting one another

In this special episode, released on World Menopause Day 2021, Dr Louise Newson talks to two women about their own experiences of menopause. Melanie is a midwife from Birmingham who talks about her ongoing challenges of coping with menopausal symptoms, getting the right support at work, and finding a treatment that works for her. Grace is in her 50s and went through an early menopause in her late 30s. She struggled over the years to be listened to by healthcare professionals and have her needs understood as a gay woman. After watching the documentary with Davina McCall, Grace felt empowered to push for the help she knew she needed.

Melanie and Grace’s conversation with Louise aptly illustrates what World Menopause Day is all about – raising awareness about the effects of menopause on women’s health and wellbeing globally, and elevating voices of those going through the menopause from all cultural backgrounds and sexual orientation. As Louise says, we cannot fully celebrate World Menopause Day until all women, all over the world are able to get the help and support they need.

Grace and Melanie’s top reasons for speaking out for WMD:

  1. Educating others about the effects of the menopause is so important.
  2. Women need support and to know they are not alone – it’s not that something’s wrong with them.
  3. Get ready for the menopause, it’s inevitable, embrace it, and be empowered to deal with it when the time comes.
  4. Regardless of your colour, religion, or sexual orientation, come together and support one another.
Celebrating World Menopause Day: supporting one another

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