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Where can women get information about the menopause? [with sign language]

Dr Louise Newson offers advice on where women can get information about the menopause. #3 in a series of videos with sign language.

Video Transcript:

I am Dr. Louise Newson. I am GP and a Menopause Expert in West Midlands.

There are some very good resources but you have to find where they are.

So the National Institutes of Health & Care, NICE, they have produced some separate patient information.

The British Menopause Society do have some information.

There are some good websites: have a whole plethora of information and they do have some good ones on menopause.

I have my own website: . And there is also

I think it is very important when you are looking for information that you look for UK-based information because treatments can vary in different countries and you want good and reliable information. So you have to look at the source…you have to look at how recent it is, as well and who has written it.

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