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balance shares survey findings at the Royal College of General Practitioners conference

balance app’s COO, Gaele Lalahy, presented recent survey findings at the 2022 conference for the Royal College of GPs in London.

The findings demonstrate use of the free balance menopause support app improved shared decision-making during consultations between women and their healthcare professional, enabling quicker access to treatment and reducing the number of appointments needed.

Founder of balance app, Dr Louise Newson, supported by Dr Rebecca Lewis and Newson Health Menopause Society Director, Lucy Chatwin also presented another two academic posters at the conference this week, based on recent online surveys to thousands of women. The authors shared more detail on how the right menopause treatment can reduce the number of referrals needed to secondary care and reduce the need for other medications. They also described HRT prescribing patterns to raise awareness and recommend 6-12 monthly issuing of medication for non-complex patients, improving convenience and financial cost to women.

The majority of non-complex care for the perimenopause and menopause sits well within primary care settings. In the UK, the most common prescriber of treatments for the menopause would be the GP, although great gains are being made to advance the roles of nurses and pharmacists to support this work. The RCGP conference is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness and inform hundreds of GPs of the up-to-date picture on women’s experiences and ease of access to treatments.

balance shares survey findings at the Royal College of General Practitioners conference

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