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Menopausal women wrongly prescribed antidepressants

Published: 10th October 2019

In this article from The Independent, reporter Maya Oppenheim delves into a recent study showing that over a third of women who visit their GP with symptoms of the menopause are being offered antidepressants instead of HRT. The study shows that “some 84 per cent say their doctor didn’t sufficiently answer their questions, while just three in ten women were satisfied with the help they got from their GP.”

Dr Newson says “Menopause guidelines are very clear that antidepressants should not be given first line for low mood associated with the menopause because there is no evidence that they will help. Research has shown that if women are given HRT when they are perimenopausal then this can reduce the incidence of clinical depression developing.”

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Menopausal women wrongly prescribed antidepressants

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