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Welcome to our new balance website

Balance- the essential new website for all things menopause from Dr Louise Newson

Today marks the launch of balance, the essential new website dedicated to all things menopause from pioneering specialist and campaigner Dr Louise Newson – and what better day to launch than on World Menopause Day.

Dubbed the ‘medic who kickstarted the menopause revolution’, Dr Newson is a GP and Menopause Specialist who is passionate about increasing awareness of the perimenopause and menopause, and campaigns for better menopause care for all women.

After being dismayed by the lack of credible information online, in 2018 Dr Newson set up My Menopause Doctor, a website dedicated to busting myths and providing non-biased, evidence-based information.

But as interest in the site and a thirst for reliable menopause information has grown, it needs a new home to reach as many individuals as possible – and that’s where balance comes in.

The new balance website has all the same valuable content from My Menopause Doctor but on a bigger scale. Balance is the world’s largest medically-approved menopause resource, where you can become better informed and access the latest menopause research and news.

Whether you prefer to read, watch or listen, there is something for everyone on balance’s easy-to-navigate site. New features include:

  • A new search function to access advice and information at your fingertips
  • Balance Loves–  a one-stop section demystifying the science behind products with insights and reviews from healthcare professionals. Our reviews are not affiliated with any brands, so you can be assured that product feedback is honest, with you in mind
  • A wellbeing section packed with articles and advice on the benefits of taking a holistic approach to the menopause.
  • A section for healthcare professionals with tools to support information and diagnostic
  • A section for corporates to support employees in the workplace

The new website shares its name with balance, Dr Newson’s free menopause app, which has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times in 150 countries since its launch in 2020. The balance app allows users to identify and track symptoms and create an individualised health report to share with health professionals.

Because the name ‘balance’ has become synonymous with trusted menopause information, it is the perfect name for the new website which is becoming a central hub for the ever-growing demand in line with Dr Newson’s mission to make menopause support inclusive and accessible to all.

And, like the app, the balance website aims to empower users get the knowledge and tools they need to get a prompt diagnosis and individualised treatment, and so includes a dedicated section for healthcare professionals. Research shows some women can attend up to 10 healthcare appointments before gaining access to a correct menopause diagnosis and the right treatment, so balance aims to support healthcare professionals with tools to better support the menopause treatment pathway.

We aim to leave no stone unturned and improve menopause experience not only in the consulting room, but in the workplace too: a major survey of 3,800 users by the not-for-profit Newson Health Research and Education on their experiences in at work found that 59% had taken time off work due to their menopause symptoms and 12% resigned.

We want to help women thrive in the workplace: that’s why balance also offers support and information for employers . We are excited to be working with companies to propose specific and evidence-based solutions to change cultures, empower employees with knowledge and tools, and ultimately help retain talents and advance the diversity agenda.

Dr Louise Newson says: “My team and I are incredibly proud to bring you balance, my new website.

It’s my mission to de-mystify the perimenopause and menopause, and that starts with good, credible information. The new balance website is the next big step on making evidence-based advice and support freely available to all.”

So, welcome to our new website! We hope you love it as much as we do.

Welcome to our new balance website

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  1. We’ve moved to a bigger home at balance for Dr Louise Newson to host all her content.

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