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Rebranding HRT – Interview with Dr Sarah Ball

Published: 19th June 2020

Dr Sarah Ball, a GP with special interest in the menopause here at Newson Health, recently joined Fiona from the Harley Street Emporium for an informative Instagram Live all about the menopause and why it’s so important that we change the way we think about HRT. Dr Ball says that “it is time menopause was rebranded as a ‘chronic hormone deficiency’ rather than accepting it as natural part of getting older, and that HRT was seen as a ‘natural’ first choice treatment rather than last thing to try.”

In this article from The Harley Street Emporium, you can read the Q&A with Dr Ball where she dispels some of the common myths surrounding HRT and explains why women need to understand the risks and benefits in order to make an informed decision about their own menopause treatment.

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Rebranding HRT – Interview with Dr Sarah Ball

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