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The talent behind balance’s illustrations: Clarisse Hassan!

You may have noticed some beautiful new illustrations across our website and today we want to introduce you to the talent behind these: Clarisse Hassan!

Following the launch, we asked Clarisse to share a few words about herself, her work and the balance illustration project!

I’ve always loved drawing and I used to draw in the margins of all my coursework in school. I decided I wanted to be an illustrator quite early on, and when I finished school I applied to UAL in London to study an Illustration BA. I had a great time there, developing my style and having a go at all the printmaking workshops (it used to be the London College of Printing so they have some beautiful really old presses!). I continued my studies at the Royal College of Art with a Masters in Visual Communication and graduated in June of this year. 

Having taken so much time to develop my work in my studies, I realised there were a few topics that really interested me and that I kept coming back to. The representation of women and girls is one of them. This is why I was really excited when I got to illustrate the new characters and patterns for balance. I love the fact that balance enables diverse groups of women to talk about their experience of menopause. It’s a great supportive tool and one that I think is absolutely vital.

I often work on Procreate, I find that they have a great range of brushes that feel just like you’re using a sketchbook, except it’s a much more sophisticated one. I started off sketching a group of women and putting them in different poses. After a while their clothing and their poses evolved and I added the colour in as well. I wanted the finished illustration to feel bright, fun and dynamic.

With the patterns I wanted to incorporate a mix of abstract shapes and more figurative objects that would link to a specific topic. Some of the abstract shapes repeat across the patterns which makes them look more cohesive. I also used a limited colour palette to tie them in together.

I can’t wait to see them dotted around the website!

We’re so pleased with the illustrations, thanks so much Clarisse from the balance team!

You can visit Clarisse’s work at, and on Instagram @clarissehassan

The talent behind balance’s illustrations: Clarisse Hassan!

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