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Too few women talk about their sex lives

Published: 29th April 2017

Around 80% of women who I meet in my menopause clinic tell me that they have not had sex with their partners for more than two years. They tell me they still love their husbands though. Sometimes this is because they have symptoms of vaginal dryness and sexual intercourse is uncomfortable and painful. Other women have reduced or no libido. Many women tell me they have never spoken about this to anyone else and are reassured that they are not alone.  Women’s hour on Radio 4 have recently discussed sex robots which are being developed and are powered by artificial intelligence. This programme has created a huge amount of debate, which is understandable. Is it better that men use these robots than seek sex elsewhere? I do not know the answer. However, what I do know is that for most of my patients their libido returns with the right type of HRT. Women need to seek help and advice about any sexual problems they are experiencing.

Too few women talk about their sex lives

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