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Celebrity hair stylist Matthew Curtis and menopause support app, balance, launch marketing campaign to educate UK hairdressing industry

‘Paused for Thought’ nationwide initiative includes a host of educational resources and training materials.

The newly launched ‘Paused for Thought’ aims to train each stylist at Matthew Curtis’ salons in the UK about the effects of the menopause, and empower salon staff to be able to signpost customers to the free balance app where they will find accurate evidence-based information about the menopause and perimenopause. 

The marketing campaign aims to be the catalyst for more much needed conversation on what has been a taboo subject for far too long.

Matthew Curtis’ salon, based in Stratford-upon-Avon was the first to be educated on menopause, allowing both stylists and assistants to use their close rapport with clients to make positive changes in the lives of those who are affected by menopause.

Founded by Dr Louise Newson, balance app is the only menopause app certified by ORCHA and recognised as safe, accredited, compliant, and trusted to feature in digital health libraries for the NHS and other national health bodies around the world. Created with a single mission in mind, to make menopause support inclusive and accessible to all, balance app provides evidence-based and unbiased information to help users become better informed, prepared and empowered during the perimenopause and menopause.

Speaking on the initiative, Matthew discussed the importance on the continued growth of awareness surrounding menopause:

“The conversation on menopause is thankfully louder than ever. Yet despite this, hairdressers and stylists are still very ill-informed and badly educated on the subject and this is why we have developed Paused for Thought.

By debunking the many myths and providing more education to hairdressers we can – as an industry – not only champion this important aspect of women’s health but individually make it easier for women to receive the right guidance much more quickly than ever before. All of which will tangibly improve the future health of women across the country.”

Dr Rebecca Lewis, GP & menopause specialist and director at the balance app spoke passionately about how beneficial Paused for Thought can be for both the hair industry and for the nationwide outlook on menopause and treatment:

“Hairdressers often listen to all sorts of stories from clients and women tell them various worries, stresses and any health concerns they have. In addition, many women notice that their hair becomes more brittle or thinner during perimenopause and menopause as their oestrogen levels, which are essential for hair growth, become lower. Talking to Matt, it became clear that we have a great opportunity to work with the hair industry to raise awareness and really make a difference to many people’s lives.”

Celebrity hair stylist Matthew Curtis and menopause support app, balance, launch marketing campaign to educate UK hairdressing industry

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