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Introducing Alistair Darby, CEO of Newson Health

In this episode, Dr Louise Newson explains about an exciting new appointment for Newson Health and introduces Alistair Darby as the new CEO. Coming from a hospitality background, Alistair Darby explains what led him to apply for the role of CEO of a menopause healthcare company, and he shares how his awareness of menopause increased after he witnessed the devastating impact on his wife 5 years ago.

Alistair and Louise discuss the problem of the menopause in the workplace and the resulting gap of female talent at the top. They talk through their joint mission to normalise getting treatment for the perimenopause and menopause and speculate on what a difference this would make to relationships, the workplace, healthcare and society.

Through his role, Alistair hopes to:

  1. Get men to wake up and smell the (menopause infused) coffee! This is a huge gender inequality issue.
  2. Work together to scale up what we do and give more women access to treatment and HRT than is currently the case. This will have a transformative effect on many more lives.
  3. Help women to feel fitter, and more energetic as they grow older, so they can continue to make an amazing contribution – for them, their families, society and the economy.

Learn more about Alistair’s exciting new start at Newson Health in this press release.

Introducing Alistair Darby, CEO of Newson Health

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