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Your menopause resources

International Women’s Day is fast approaching, and this year’s theme is #InspireInclusion. Here at balance we have hundreds of resources for all women.

Look through the menopause library on balance to find articles, podcasts and videos relevant to you. You can search through the full list of content or filter by topic and type of content.

Below is just a very small selection of some of the helpful content we offer. If there’s a topic we’ve not covered or you would like more information on, let us know! We’re dedicated to making sure all women have equal access to information. Email us with any suggestions at

Accessible resources

British Sign Language library

A series of British Sign Language videos, accompanied by a transcript, about the perimenopause and menopause.

Easy read guide to the perimenopause and menopause

A downloadable booklet that’s created with Dimensions, an organisation that provides support for adults with learning disabilities and autism, which explains the perimenopause and menopause.

Learning disabilities and the menopause

A podcast with a woman with learning disabilities who shares her experience of the menopause and her advice to others.

Making menopause more inclusive

Menopause in overlooked communities

A podcast about the challenges faced by vulnerable groups of women during menopause, including the homeless, those with alcohol or drug addictions and those engaged in sex work.

Menopause in ethnic communities

A selection of features, podcasts and videos focusing on how the perimenopause and menopause affects women of ethnic backgrounds and how to improve access to information and help.

How menopause can affect women from disadvantaged backgrounds

A look at how adversity in childhood and adult life can affect the menopausal experience and how to support women get the care and information they need.

Menopause at different life stages

Early menopause

Explore factsheets, podcasts and personal stories about experiencing early menopause.

Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI)

Factsheets, podcasts, personal stories and support for women with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI).

Menopause for older women

Explore resources on starting or continuing HRT years after your menopause, and what to do when symptoms persist.

Surgical menopause

Explore features, podcasts and personal stories on surgically induced menopause, including how to prepare for it and risks and treatments.

Advocating for yourself

How to talk to your doctor about HRT and get results

Translated resources

SpanishNorwegianPosters in 10 different languages

Managing your menopause alongside other health concerns

ADHDAddictionBreast cancer
CancerEating disordersEpilepsy
HIVMental healthMultiple sclerosis
Physical disabilitiesPMS and PMDDThyroid health
Your menopause resources

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