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balance app wins Apple’s Editors’ Choice Award

Apple’s Editors’ Choice Award celebrates the very best apps around the world.

In their words…

“Balance is an incredible support tool for anyone experiencing perimenopause and menopause. The app, founded by GP and menopause specialist Dr Louise Newson, offers symptom trackers, community support and evidence-based information on all aspects of menopause hormone deficiency.

“We knew we loved it when: Balance began re-educating the world about menopause through the app. Newson knew that creating this tool was important, since her in-person UK clinic had a thousands-strong waiting list of those requiring treatment for symptoms of menopause.”

We are very proud to have been recognised by Apple for the steps we have taken to improve accessibility for those who are neurodiverse, as well as anyone with low vision, hearing loss, or restricted mobility. This fits in line with our mission to make evidence-based menopause and perimenopause information accessible and inclusive to all.

We hope this recognition means that more women can use the app to get the support they deserve.

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balance app wins Apple’s Editors’ Choice Award

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