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Confidence in the Menopause course – now free access for all healthcare professionals in the world!

Published: 15th September 2021

We are really excited to announce that the Confidence in the Menopause course is now available for free to any healthcare professional in the world.

This was developed by Newson Health Research and Education, a not for profit company, with Fourteen Fish, who are a company specialising in medical appraisals.

This remote menopause education programme has been developed by GPs and secondary care specialists. It is suitable for basic and more advanced training in the menopause including safe prescribing of HRT. There are links to evidence based articles and guidelines throughout every section of the course. There are also MCQ assessments after each module.

The course contains a combination of consultations to watch and learn from as well as presentations by numerous specialists.

The course is CPD accredited with a certificate received after completion of each section.

Since The Menopause Charity launched in May 2021, over 20,000 professionals have accessed the course and a recent survey of course participants from over 20 different professions provided an average course score of 9/10 with 97% willing to recommend the course to a colleague. 

Confidence in prescribing HRT and managing the perimenopause/menopause increased from an average score of 5 before completing the course to 8 over more.

Some of the 20,000+ participants have provided the following feedback:

Overall, I have absolutely LOVED the course and feel now empowered to make this a special interest of mine and do further learning. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH DR NEWSON AND TEAM.

I think this is a brilliant course. Thank you.

Be available for free for more professionals. I have shared my learning points with the practice team.

It’s a very good course.


fantastic start to finish

this was a comprehensive experience

This course is excellently designed. All I need is a hands-on consultation to practice my acquired knowledge and consolidate my skills.

Heard about it from a colleague by chance, after expressing frustration at minimal courses for nurses, maybe more accessible to everyone 🙂

It is an excellent course. More video consultations scenarios will be useful. Thank you very much for this wonderful course.

The course is great, I have not been able to spend as much time on it as I would like but will continue to dip into it as a resource. I have recommended to my colleagues.

We have listened to your feedback and it is now available for ALL healthcare professionals to access for FREE! It is already making a significant difference to women being able to access the right treatment for their perimenopause and menopause and increasing their health outcomes and quality of life. With this offer we can continue to support more people and educate more healthcare professionals.  Thank you for investing your time in this programme!

Access the course

Do you want to tell your healthcare professional or colleagues about this course? We have created a flyer that you can e-mail or print off for those you wish to learn more about the course.

Course Flyer
Confidence in the Menopause course – now free access for all healthcare professionals in the world!

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