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UK Oestrogel Stock Issues

5th April 2022 Update

Over the last few months, demand for Oestrogel and Sandrena has increased significantly across the UK, leading to occasional shortages.

We are working very closely with the HRT manufacturers, who are increasing production as fast as possible, so that they can satisfy orders for all their patients across the UK. There are other HRT medicines which you can choose to use if your usual one is temporarily unavailable, and you should get advice from your clinician about these options.

Whilst these shortages are frustrating, the good news is that they are occurring because so many more women are getting the treatment they need. There’s still so much more to do though!

To provide support during this difficult time, you can access our Easy HRT Prescribing Guide. This guide highlights the equivalent doses for other HRT types which you and your healthcare professional can share an informed decision about HRT options whilst there are stock issues.


25th March 2022 Update

A current shortage of Oestrogel occurs in the UK as demands have outstripped supply.

As more women understand the safety and effectiveness of HRT which improves symptoms as well as future health, and as more healthcare professionals learn about the menopause as a long-term hormone deficiency with health risks, then the number of women taking HRT will continue to increase.

The manufacturers of Evorel patches have managed to cope with this increased demand as we saw an increase of more than 33% in volume capacity from 3.7m packets in 2020, to 5.0m in 2021. Evorel have shared their goal of increasing the capacity once again by the end of 2022 to 12.5m which is fantastic to hear.

Whilst these stock issues occur, we would like to share the Easy HRT Prescribing Guide. This Guide outlines the different types and ways of taking HRT, and dose equivalents, if you find that you need to change the method of HRT administration due to shortages. Empower yourself with the knowledge and confidence to share an informed decision with your healthcare professional about alternative HRT options during this difficult time.

In addition to the alternative doses in the guide, there is also a body identical combination tablet available called Bijuve which only contains 1mg oestradiol, so women may need to top up with a patch, gel or spray of oestrogen if they are still having symptoms. This does not appear to have the same clot risk as older types of HRT tablets.

Alternatively, healthcare professionals can find further guidance and information to help support those experiencing the perimenopause and menopause during this time on our balance for Healthcare Professionals webpage.

The fight for allowing women and non-binary people to have their hormones back is exhausting. Carolyn Harris MP and co-chair of the UK’s Menopause Taskforce is working hard to rectify this and allow women to be listened to.

UK Oestrogel Stock Issues

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