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#PauseToTalk menopause conversation starters

Want to have a menopause conversation and don’t know where to start? Balance has some suggestions.

No two menopauses are the same. So talking is a crucial way to spread awareness, educate and break taboos.

Whether you are searching for information on symptoms, want to read up before an all-important appointment, looking for tips on supporting a loved, or you’re a healthcare professional who wants to educate yourself, the balance website is home to more than 600 free resources that can help you start a conversation today.

Here, balance has compiled some of our most popular resources – and don’t forget to log your conversation once you’ve had it:

Menopause symptoms 101

10 surprising menopause symptoms

Menopause symptom questionnaire

Podcast: Explaining what the evidence shows to offer choice to women after breast cancer, with Avrum Bluming

PMS, PMDD and the menopause

For information on individual symptoms, visit our menopause Library and select your symptom from the subject drop down

Treatment options

HRT: the basics


Podcast: More than ‘a little vaginal dryness’: how vaginal hormones can transform lives

Mental Health

Mental health and emotional wellbeing during the perimenopause and menopause booklet

Podcast: OCD, depression and the menopause

Podcast: Mental health and the perimenopause


How to talk to your children about menopause

Menopause and relationships: a guide for partners

Surgical menopause

Surgical menopause booklet

Early menopause

Menopause and me: a guide for younger women
Am I too young to be menopausal?

Workplace resources

You can download of selection of workplace resources here

Resources for healthcare professionals

HRT – The different ingredients, brands and strengths available
Easy HRT prescribing guide

#PauseToTalk menopause conversation starters

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