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balance’s most-read perimenopause and menopause resources in 2022

From HRT to holistic care, balance runs down the most popular articles of the year

From Gina vagina estrogen being available over the counter for the first time through to the menopause being discussed at the heart of government, so much has happened in the menopause world in 2022.

And throughout, the balance app and website has been here for you with evidence-based advice to help you thrive through your perimenopause and menopause, and provide information for all.

Here, we look back on a selection of our most popular podcasts, articles and resources.

1. Podcast: Explaining what the evidence shows to offer choice to women after breast cancer, with Avrum Bluming

A medical oncologist who has spent decades studying the research on the benefits and risks of HRT in women with a history of breast cancer, Dr Avrum Bluming returned to the Dr Louise Newson Podcast to re-visit the important topic of hormone therapy after breast cancer.

2. Perimenopause, menopause and pain factsheet

Joint pain, muscle aches and stiffness in the joints are extremely common symptoms during the perimenopause, menopause and beyond, which can be due to the lack of hormones estrogen and testosterone.

This factsheet explains more about this and describes what can be done to improve these troublesome symptoms.

3. Gina vaginal estrogen available over the counter: what you need to know

In a landmark move, postmenopausal women were able to buy vaginal estrogen over the counter for the first time from September 2022.

Women aged 50 years and above and who have not had a period for at least a year can purchase Gina vaginal tablets from pharmacies without a prescription after the medicines regulator gave it the green light.

This article looks at where you can access Gina, eligibility and cost.

4. What to expect when you start HRT

It’s useful to know what to expect when you start HRT, so you’re prepared to give the medication a chance to work in your body.

One of our most enduringly popular articles, this guide takes you through some common side effects you can experience in the first few weeks after starting HRT.

5. What to do if you can’t obtain your usual estrogen gel?

In the wake of estrogen gel supply issues in mid-2022, we compiled this guide looking at alternative estrogen preparations.

6. Podcast: when menopausal symptoms persist, with Dr Anna Chiles

Dr Anna Chiles is a GP and works in an NHS practice in Gloucestershire and at Newson Health as a menopause specialist. This episode of the Dr Louise Newson Podcast discusses the range of symptoms that can occur in the perimenopause and menopause, the impact they can have on daily life, and what can be done when symptoms persist for many years.

7. Will HRT make me gain weight?

Many women worry that weight gain is a side effect of taking HRT.

In this first-person account, Tracey shares her very different experience.

8. Heavy periods during the perimenopause: what you need to know

Fluctuating and low hormone levels – especially estrogen – during the perimenopause can trigger a whole host of symptoms, including heavy periods.

This article takes a closer look at the signs, causes and ways to manage heavy periods.

9. Living well through your perimenopause and menopause booklet

This booklet provides guidance on how to live well through the menopause, looking at sleeping well; managing low mood, anxiety and stress; prioritising exercise and leisure time; eating well; cutting down on alcohol and smoking; and working relationships. Read the booklet to understand how to approach these areas in detail.

10. Find out more about the balance menopause support app

Our free balance app allows you to track your symptoms, access personalised expert content, download a Health Report, share stories in the community and lots more. This guide allows you to find out more about the balance app’s feature and how you can download it today.

balance’s most-read perimenopause and menopause resources in 2022

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